Interactive Garage: Faq

Can the prices on the products be customized or is MSRP the only price shown?
A: Interactive Garage is a completely database driven software with a easy to use backend interface that allows those licensed to use it the ability to price each product individually. We load in MSRP, Jobber, or what ever is available from the manufacturer/s. You can also set your price point at a percentage above or below the MSRP or completely custom price each product individually.

What vehicles are going to be available?
A: Future plans include all late model full size trucks and SUV's being released from Ford, Chevy, Dodge and Toyota. Once we have accomplished those we will move into some of the early model Trucks and SUV's, then dip into some cars (Mustang, Camaro, Charger and Challenger).

What manufacturer products / accessories will be available?
A: Interactive Garage can only display manufacturers products that are signed up with IG. As manufacturers sign up and their products are added to the vehicles, updates will automatically be available online and running on your custom Interactive Garage program. Obviously, the more products to choose from, the more comfortable customers will be in making their decision. Our goal is to have as many products from the various manufacturers available to interact with on each and every vehicle.

As a manufacturer of products / accessories, how do I get my products on the program?
A: Pricing is based on the amount of products / accessories you have per vehicle your interested displaying on. We also have different classifications of products based on interactivity. Classification and pricing of these products can be seen by clicking HERE

As a manufacturer of products / accessories, can I use the Interactive Garage on my companies website?
A: Of course, we highly suggest as a manufacturer that is already participating on our "Product Plan" program to license and utilize the Interactive Garage software to help show, sell and promote your products. The program was created to help all levels of the automotive distribution chain, from the manufacturer to the end consumer.

The ability to custom tailor the program will allow anyone the ability to show the manufacturer/s you want, show a sales price or not, as well as the vehicles on the program that you want.

How many products can be shown on the vehicle at once?
A: The software has intelligence built into it to not allow "like" products to overlap or overwrite one another. For example, two sets of fender flares cannot be shown at once. And, if we know that a certain size tire will not fit a vehicle without a lift/leveling kit, the software will not allow that to happen. Aside from that, we can load up as many products on the vehicles as we have photographed and programmed onto them.

As an online retailer, how can I use the Interactive Garage on my website?
A: Just like any software program that you use to run a business, the Interactive Garage will be licensed to use with a 12-month contract. There is a one time yearly fee for the license. In addition to the license fee, there will be a set up fee that includes the time necessary for our IT department to train and launch your custom Interactive Garage.

What if I don't sell / carry a particular manufacturer on the Interactive Garage?
A: Interactive Garage is a completely database driven software with an easy to use backend interface that allows those licensed to use it the ability to "turn on (enable)" and "turn off (disable)" each individual manufacturer, each individual product as well as set your own price point for each product.

How often are updates sent out of new vehicles, products, etc?
A: As soon as an update is available, we will have it online and on your Interactive Garage. An E-mail will be sent with an announcement of the update, at which time the licensed users will have to access their backend user interface to activate the vehicle and/or product/s.

Once licensed to use Interactive Garage, how will it appear on my website?
A: Interactive Garage is an set frameset design that is made to show up anywhere on your site that you best see fit. A dedicated URL for the landing page will be needed so we can point the iFrame at it. It is a seamless integration.

As a manufacturer or retailer, can the images created at the RCH Designs studio for the Interactive Garage be used to help create other marketing materials?
A: The beauty of high resolution digital photography and layering software is that we can use the images created at RCH Designs for any of the vehicles photographed for the Interactive Garage to create that perfect vehicle for any ad, billboard, web page, etc. You want your running boards paired with 35" XYZ company tires and XYZ company wheels with XYZ company bumper with a winch in the vehicle color problem. If you can build it on the Interactive Garage, we can export that same build in any high resolution file format to meet your needs.

There is a fee associated with this, as well as some sign offs from the other companies for their products, but that fee is going to be 1/10th of what it would cost to build the vehicle then schedule it into a studio for a photo session.