Interactive Garage: About

The concept of "Try it before you buy it" works great for apparel retailers. Nothing makes a sale easier than allowing a customer to see what those sunglasses look like on their face, or how their jeans make your butt look in the mirror in the changing room. The Interactive Garage software program is the changing room for your vehicle.

In the automotive world, you have to imagine what that catalog image of that running board on a Ford F150 would look like on your Dodge Ram, not to mention that F150 is a super done up project vehicle from the manufacturer with a huge air brushed snake on it so they could win best in show at the last SEMA Show. Now can you image what that product would look like on your vehicle?

Nothing worse than dropping your vehicle off at your local accessory install shop hoping that the 4" lift for your Jeep with the rims and tires you picked out for it looks as good in your head when you put the full deposit down on everything as it should when you pick it up. Unlike a pair of jeans, a lift kit and mounted tires & wheels are not easy to remove or hang back up on the rack. Now the dream vehicle you just spent last years tax return on is not at all what you wanted it to look like and the counterperson hands you the remaining balance of your bill.

The circle of disappointment only continues as the retail shop now has a bummed out / disappointed customer that might not be back again, or even worse disputes the charges because "items in this catalog are not always as they appear" and that is just not acceptable to the customer. Parts have to be removed, re-boxed and more than likely shipped back to the warehouse or manufacturer. Only to be found at a later date marked down 80% at a going out of business sale.

In comes, Interactive Garage. The automotive "Try it before you buy it" super fun, exciting, educational, and entertaining software program that will revolutionize how parts and accessories are sold online and at retail locations world wide...

Interactive Garage starts with a stock vehicle, as it would come right off the dealer showroom floor. The factory color options help make the realization process that much closer to your vehicle sitting in your garage or driveway. From there the fun has just begun. Options are endless with a plethora of exterior, interior performance parts and accessories to choose from. Bumpers, running board, side steps, bug shield, lights, winches, lift kits, wheels, tires, floor mats, seats, grille inserts, and the list goes on and on.

And the best part…Objects on the screen are just as they appear. Each part and accessory are individually photographed on the vehicles; no CAD drawings or 3d models of a fake part in this program my friends. The tedious process has us tied up in our custom-built photography studio for hours on end and our programmers in front of their humongous computer monitors slamming Red Bull and espresso shots around the clock. This is the best way to help you build your dream vehicle, so why not use the best software program out there to do it? Interactive Garage...